Are you here for an overview? Download the program as a pdf file: Event list 2016

Welcome to Dancing at Copenhagen Jazz festival 2016!

Copenhagen Jazz Festival July 1st-10th 2016 is THE nicest time you can spend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The place is PACKED with jazzmusicians from all over the world and jazz music is heard from every square, park and café all over town. There will be picnics, beers, ice creams and lots and lots of DANCING!

To find out what is happening on a daily basis, be sure to check out:

–  The Facebook page This is the dynamic info-channel which we use before and during the festival days. Here  we can get in contact with whoever about whatever related to dancing during the festival.

The event list 2016 We have chosen a range of events and bands playing “our swing music”, i.e. music for swingdancing. It’s mostly outdoor dancing, so be prepared for dancefloors made of cobblestone, concrete, asphalt and grass.

 See you on the dance floor!